The Invisible City [KAKUMA]
The Invisible City [KAKUMA]
The Invisible City [KAKUMA]
The Invisible City [KAKUMA]
The Invisible City [KAKUMA]

The Invisible City [KAKUMA]

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  • Docs Without Borders IFF
  • Impact Docs Awards - *Award of Excellence*
  • Ischia Film Festival - *Best Documentary*
  • Docville International Film Festival

“In view of the current migration debate, The Invisible City is perhaps the migration film of the moment." - Knack Magazine (Belgium)

This penetrating, humanistic exposé of one of the world's largest refugee camps focuses on the lives and stories of its remarkable children, many of whom have known no life beyond its borders.

Kakuma UNHCR refugee camp, built in the middle of the Turkana desert in Kenya, has become the region's fastest growing city.  It is now home to over 185,000 refugees from South Sudan, Somalia, Congo (DRC), and other areas in the region.  Many of its new arrivals are children who have been sent out of conflict zones by their parents.  These children seize every opportunity in the camp to rebuild their lives. 

To help tell their stories, filmmaker Lieven Corthouts decided to live in the extreme conditions of the camp to understand and build genuine personal relationships with them.  He ended up staying for four straight years, merging his filmmaking with the challenges of daily life in Kakuma.  The product of his efforts does justice to the stories of the bright, resilient child refugees and their reservoirs of hope, and offers deep insights into the real human consequences of recent and ongoing political conflicts in East Africa. 

As the film fathoms the inner dynamics of this overcrowded limbo, it also draws out compound social and political realities about refugee camps in general, and the world that continues to fill them. 


The Invisible City [KAKUMA] is accompanied by an interactive project: Find Me in Kakuma

Find Me in Kakuma depicts the story of six refugee children searching for their parents.  Find their avatars on the map of the camp and follow their search:

74 minutes, in English, Somali and Swahili / English subtitles.
Directed by: Lieven Corthouts


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