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cemetery near Afrin
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All Roads Lead to Afrin

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    • Visons du Réel
    • GoEast International Film Festival
 "The strength of this film is its fragility, its being made of everything and of nothing, its being attached to a thread, that of the breathing of the person who is filming, who is carrying it on her shoulders, as is often the case in the life of people living in exile." -- Visons du Réel

A reflective essay film about the Syrian Civil War's fracturing of family relationships, personal identity in exile, and the fragility of existence.

Half-Kurdish, Half-Russian filmmaker Arina Adju returns to the town in Syria near the Turkish border where her father lives to meet new family and find her lost roots.  But reunification during wartime is of a different sort.  The state of war has left seemingly arbitrary fragments of time and space.  Yet everything has moved forward, in its way; and life continues to carry on amidst constant brutality, nurtured by a painful energy that knows no borders.

All Roads Lead to Afrin is a documentary built like a personal diary, as it weaves together the paths of two impossible returns.  It is also a film that seeks beauty when all is lost; a film pierced by moments of savage grace, which suddenly appear from nowhere.

35 minutes, in  Kurdish, Russian, and Arabic / English subtitles.

Directed by: Arina Adju

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