All That Passes By Through A Window That Doesn't Open
All That Passes By Through A Window That Doesn't Open
All That Passes By Through A Window That Doesn't Open
All That Passes By Through A Window That Doesn't Open

All That Passes By Through A Window That Doesn't Open

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  • Visons du Réel - *Best First Feature*
  • Camden IFF - *Cinematic Vision Award*
  • Art of the Real, Film Society Lincoln Center
  • HotDocs International Film Festival
  • DocuFest International Film Festival

“[The film] stood out as an inherently political yet free-flowing and contemplative film with moments of humor and melancholia that used a classic metaphor for cinema to explore how the past is embedded, if not stuck, in the present moment... a portrait of laborers who must trust that their life work will mean something someday." - Camden IFF Jury

"A stunning document of Central Asia’s unique geography." - Film Society of Lincoln Center, New York

A lyrical, genuinely-conceived journey into the beating heart of the Eurasian expanse, where local railroad workers confront their harsh reality amidst the erratic political climate of the Caucasus.  

The Baku–Tbilisi–Kars railway, known as the “Iron Silk Road,” sought to create the fastest route between Asia and Europe by running new track through Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey, while disregarding an existing track in Armenia.

Azerbaijani laborers have been toiling on the construction of the new high-speed train line intended to bring glory to future generations.  Meanwhile, in Armenia, a station master has been waiting, idle, for the return of the trains beyond a closed border, in an abandoned depot.  He has been waiting for 20 years, in a state of rust and ennui.  In a landscape with light and color reminiscent of the great atmospheric Westerns, the men at work are filmed in a suspended time frame, struggling with their economic needs and their dreams of a better future.

Social and political challenges are developing between two countries that share a deeply troubled past, but whose workers find themselves in unison.  Their harsh daily routines, filmed with a certain thoughtfulness, subtly reveal moments of complicity that make it possible to sustain their lives.  With a poetic tone and an original narrative structure, All That Passes by Through a Window That Doesn’t Open seizes the history and the present of this crossroads of the world.

70 minutes, in Azerbaijani, Armenian and Russian / English subtitles.
Directed by: Martin DiCicco


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