Last Stop Kew Gardens
Last Stop Kew Gardens
Last Stop Kew Gardens
Last Stop Kew Gardens

Last Stop Kew Gardens

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"Intensely personal... offers a fascinating glimpse of a cohort of Jewish Americans." New York Times

This intimate exploration of Jewish-American heritage retraces the socio-cultural textures of Kew Gardens, an important enclave in New York City for Jewish refugees from the Holocaust.

A son of Holocaust survivors, distinguished filmmaker and physics professor Robert H. Lieberman grew up in the Queens, New York neighborhood of Kew Gardens and its large community of Jewish-German refugees.  With a shared sense of unease, burden of trauma, and desire to quickly assimilate, he and others in this community came of age wrapped up in the collective narrative of their immediate environment.  Each was forced into a generational challenge; how to redefine their Jewish identity in the diverse, secular context of New York City, and America more broadly.

Vividly evoking his subjective experience, Lieberman balances the neighborhood's history with personal anecdotes and insights to build a contextualized portrait of a place in time.  He interviews many of his former neighbors, including well-known individuals such as television host Jerry Springer, comedian Robert Schimmel, and author Kathy Perutz, whose stories help to define the neighborhood's idiosyncratic influence and its place in Jewish-American history.


60 minutes - English 

Directed by: Robert H. Lieberman
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