Another News Story
Another News Story
Another News Story
Another News Story

Another News Story

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"A bluntly effective documentary about Europe’s refugee crisis that averts its gaze from the graphic horrors broadcast on TV and across the internet, instead turning a critical eye to the journalists reporting on them." - The Guardian 

  • Karlovy Vary Int. Film Festival 
  • IDFA International Doc Festival Amsterdam
  • Human Rights Film Festival (Lugano)
  • Zurich International Film Festival

This pressing British documentary critically explores invisible threads behind contemporary media coverage in a new era of mass migration and refugee crisis, and the profound ethical conflicts facing the international press.

Set amidst the global news storm of September 2015, when the worldwide press descended on refugees migrating across Europe in historic proportions, this film focuses beyond the headlines to tell the stories of the news teams, their refugee subjects, and the relationship between the two. 

From the Serbian-Hungarian border to the Greek island of Lesbos, the intimate experiences of journalists and refugees are explored to critically illuminate the ways in which these roles coexist in such tragic situations.  A bright and resourceful Syrian mother, Mahasen, has left her children behind in hope of reaching Germany to secure a foothold on a new life.  A journalist, Bruno and his cameraman, Johnny, view the unfolding chaos with a blend of concern and cynicism.  

Set against the context of archive news reports, these individual stories across the physical routes of migration shed light on the ethical conflicts of journalists in crisis situations, and the ways in which individual decisions frame the media the world consumes. 


84 Minutes | in English

Directed by: Orban Wallace
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