To the Wolf
To the Wolf
To the Wolf
To the Wolf

To the Wolf

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“The first words ring out like a prophecy: 'I saw a great epidemic. A chaos. I’d scream, people, it’s not going well, great poverty is coming!' Yet this is no prophecy any more for the shepherds in the mountains of western Greece.'" "At once a chilling snapshot of provincial Greece in crisis and an allegorical drama of elemental, apocalyptic power."
– Berlin International Film Festival

“A foggy village full of goat farms in the mountains of rural Greece sets the scene for a timely portrait of economic collapse in this thought-provoking first feature.” – Toronto International Film Festival

“An almost visionary, crafted gem of non-fiction.”
– Filmmaker Magazine

“In a country that often trumpets its own sense of history, To the Wolf obliterates any nostalgia for an older way of life. The telephone towers that lurk like Martian tripods in the background only enhance the sense of isolation—information only flows one way here—but more than that, they look like something very Greek indeed: ancient relics. The predator of the movie’s title is time, which seems to be hunting in reverse. To the Wolf offers the strange sight of the distant past overtaking and devouring a hobbled, tense present.
" – Cinema Scope

Set in a remote village high up in the Nafpaktia mountains in western Greece, the film follows the lives of two shepherd families struggling for survival. Paxnis, the seasoned old shepherd with no hope left, had already foreseen the dire straits the country would be facing and is slowly sinking into despair. Giorgos, unable to sell his goats, is weighed down by mounting debts and drinks to forget. ‘To the Wolf’ is both the reality and an unsettling allegory of modern-day Greece.

Film Info -- 2013, 74 minutes, in Greek with English subtitles.



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