Another Year
Another Year
Another Year
Another Year
Another Year
Another Year
Another Year

Another Year

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*BEST FEATURE FILM* - Visions du Réel International Film Festival 2016

*GRAND PRIX FOR BEST INTERNATIONAL FEATURE* - RIDM Montreal International Documentary Festival 2016

*CRITICS' AWARD* - Olhar de Cinema, Curitiba IFF

ART OF THE REAL  - Lincoln Center, New York

“A film that displays an astonishing range in its personal social depiction of working class China, all while adhering to rigorous formal constraints.” - RIDM Montreal

"Zhu uses her subjects as a microcosm for China’s broader socioeconomic realities, but her compassionate commitment to patient observation does justice to their specificity and dignity." - Film Society of Lincoln Center

"Formidable filmmaking from a young director whose steady domestic dispatches offer rare but not too rarified glimpses into Chinese working-class life." - Cinema Scope


Set in Wuhan, in Central China, Another Year captures 13 dinners of a migrant family's life over the course of a year.  Beginning and ending around Chinese New Year, the meals unfold in real-time and reveal the rhythms of a family's life on the margins of urban society.  The three-generation family's joys and frustrations are presented and analyzed in remarkable detail.

In the regularity of the scenes, and their proximity in the film, Another Year invites the viewer to bear witness to the family's emotions, changes, and frictions, as they are experienced over the year.  Attention is paid to the dramatic, as with grandma's stroke, as well as the mundane, such as arguments over how much salt father added to the broth.  Strong social currents are felt below the surface, and incessant economic pressures are present at the table, as tangibly as the steamed pork and bowls of congee.

Another Year proposes the family as a lens for seeing deeper into China’s economic boom, and its massive urbanization.  It provides a rare glimpse into the intimate lives of workers who have left their ancestral rural homelands to seek opportunity in cities, but who remain trapped at the margins of society.  The film also exemplifies how the universal is sometimes most reachable through the highly particular and specific.

Directed by Shengze Zhu

2016, 181 minutes, in Chinese Regional Dialect (or Hubei Dialect) with English subtitles.



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